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The beaches of Pano Koufonissi with the crystal-clear and blue-green waters enchant you.

Almost all are sandy with a small depth, where kids and adults can taste them. All the beaches are connected with paths, as the distance from one to the other is small.

The municipality has taken care that the beaches are always kept clean. To reach the beaches is easy enough because all the roads that lead to them are accessible.

You can also reach the beaches with the boats that start from the port of the island and lead to the longest beach of Pori.

The color of the sea at each beach differs and that is what makes each one special.

The beaches are not organized with sun loungers. This gives you the opportunity to choose the place you want to set your umbrella.

Finally, the range and space that’s available on the beaches allows you to play with your friends racquettes, volleyball and whatever else you want.

These as a first taste. The photos will cover you.